Bimetal yoyo Recommendations

I created this topic to see reviews of the yo-yos I want.
The yo-yos I want are below.
GTR-JS veylaa by duncan
journey by yoyopalace
radiance by YJYOYO

If anyone has one, I would like a review.
If you have any other yo-yo recommendations besides these, please let me know.
For reference, here are my favorite yo-yos
motif method by unprld
bae savage toru0.999 by yoyorecreation
southside by empathy
vanitas by c3yoyodesign


GTR-JS > everything else

Possibly the most universally loved comp yoyo in the past couple years


Hi Yunosuke,

I have/had the Duncan GTR-JS:

Comfortable in the hand without sacrifice power is the first thing that come to my mind, one of the best yoyos ever, a competition beast without sacrifice comfort, the shape fit perfectly in the hand, nimble and quite fast, able to perform any kind of trick and amazing in horizontal and horizontal behind the back, wide without be annoying which makes it both great for tech and for zoning tricks, it is a pleasure to play with it go through the string very easily and easy to manouvre.
A must have for every serious player!

In the list you wrote down there you have other very good competition yoyo, I think the GTR JS can make a difference on the comfort in play compared what you already have.

Also the motif is one of my favourites, not a super performer but enough to be very good and fun!


I wanna recommend you TP Hinemosu or Palpitation ES. The power and the feeling it makes is amazing. Pretty sure you’ll love em.


Thanks for the reply.
It’s great to have the performance of a competition while still being comfortable and easy to use.
Shiny purple body is very pretty and the logo is cool.
It looks like a very strong purchase candidate.

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Thanks for the reply.
I too think Hinemos and Palpitation are very cool.
However, Hinemos is a little hard to find now, so I would like to put Palpitation on the list.
And the inner rim is great!

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I have the journey.

It is not your typical bimetal. It has the spintime and performance that you would hope for but it doesn’t have the typical powerful feel.

To me it feels gental and controllable. The shape is very comfortable and the yoyo is satisfying to play with.

If you are looking for extreme spintime and stability then there are many bimetals that are much better. If bimetals typically feel clinical and stale, then the journey will be a breath of fresh air.

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I have a Journey. It’s very stable. Loads of power plus the rounded shape is very comfortable.

Haven’t tried the others you mention.

Hinemosu is also very good…but not exactly my personal jam I’m considering selling mine.

The C3design Galaxy Diver is VERY good. I just bought a CLYW Klondike that really impressed me. And I got to play the new Yoyofriends Papercut and ALMOST bought it (if I hadn’t just paid for a Klondike I would have.)

Something that isn’t talked about much is the RCS Deluge…it’s crazy good, Yoyofactory Alta is also impressive, low priced and not mentioned enough.

Anything by Motion…

the Duncan Orbital GTX is most excellent.

If you don’t have an Iceberg from iYoyo…you kind of owe it to yourself to get one.

Just some things to think about.


I haven’t personally tried the Radiance by YJYOYO, but it looks sick!

But the Veylaa and GTR-JS are amazing by Duncan along with the Journey by YoYo Palace!

I guess it depends on your cup of tea in the end haha along with price-point!

The Veylaa for sure is a POWERHOUSE! If you like a strong powerful throw that spins for DAYS! this might be the choice you want! - Even though it weights roughly the same as the Journey - but definitely plays heavier!

GTR-JS along with the Journey are built shape wise for more of a comfortable throw in the hand! Rounder profile, but still holds up well when doing long string trick combos! - The GTR-JS weights slightly less so feels a bit floatier than the other 2, but in my personal opinion love that feeling while playing! :slight_smile:

Journey out of the 3 right now pricewise is the best deal ( I think we still have the black friday sale price for it on…Oopsies LOL)

But at the end of the day, all three are solid choices! :slight_smile:


I have played all of these and owned two of them.

The JS plays extremely agile, feels like the GTR but meant for zontals.

The Veylaa is a little underwhelming for me personally, I think the rim design isn’t really to my personal taste. It plays more sluggish than expected. Because the rim design has the weight concentrated at the far ends of the rim, you get the feeling of a really powerful throw.

The Journey is unique. I don’t think it’s a contender for the “best performance” but it has one of the more interesting or unique feels in a bimetal. The rim is extended quite deep into the cup and the design of it is interesting being an inner rim that extends so far. This pushes more of the weight towards the inner cup. The best comparision would be if you’ve tried SENSE’s new Anti-Mono where most of the weight is in the cup, rather than the outside rim. I personally don’t like how this feels in play, but I could see many enjoying that unique experience it gives.

Radiance is a really good throw and I have enjoyed all of what I’ve tried from YJYOYO. I think it plays and feels similar to something you might pick up from Turning Point. It has a good amount of presence on the string with a lot of power, but doesn’t feel sluggish at all. I don’t know if this is a thing with ALL of the radiance yoyos, but they come way overlubed to the point where the bearing is almost responsive. Not a huge deal, but it ruined my first impression of it.

I don’t think any of these are that comparable to what your favorite yoyos are - instead they seem to be something that would give you a different flavor to your existing favorites.


Thanks for the replies everyone!
I figured if I wanted to buy the most versatile yo-yo, gtr-js was the way to go.
However, I like yo-yos that are a little more rounded, so I’m also very interested in the Journey.
But there are a few yo-yos that I already own that I would like to buy.
Bae is one of the best yo-yos I have tried.
It has just the right amount of power for comfortable control.
Or the Savage.
It has a control that is hard to believe at 68g, and most importantly, it looks cool!
I would like to get another one because southside is also the cheapest of these yo-yos and it is great.