Is the Speedaholic Polycarbonate?

What material is it?

Are the spacers glued in or something?

Because I can’t get the spacers out.

They’re press fit, like YYJ’s Solid Spin or metal rims or the Rally’s hubs.

It’s plastic for sure just not certain of the specific flavor of plastic and guessing they’re either glued, prefer fit, or molded in. I don’t own one but looking over the things I’ve seen this is the better guess I have.

Also the yoyo is in fact polycarb.

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what do you need to get the spacers out for???

To dye it

I need to get the spacers out

Stick it in the fridge/freezer… Then leave it for like 2 hours. Then try and pull them.

Ok, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Alright, let me know if it works! The idea behind it is that the coldness will contract the rings just enough to come loose.

Should I just stick the end of the axle into the spacer and wiggle it?


I’ve removed spacers with the string bearing removal trick.

ah, ok then, sounds cool.

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I dyed one half of the yoyo so far.

I’m finishing it tomorrow.

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Cannot wait to see what your results are.

The results are… phenomenal.

I still need pics though.

hehe then i wait patiently (dang it NOW NOW NOW) ok maybe not so much with the patience…

For questions about the Speedaholic’s construction, this will answer SOME questions. It is polycarbonate. This video addresses final assembly issues.

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