YYF spacer

Hey you ! have you ever owned a yoyo with those spacer that won’t come of for hour ? yeah they’re anoying ! and why would they even exist ? more piece=more vibe chances ! i can’t even put my protostar together because my spacers lost their shape in the removing process ! we should riot for north murica to ban them :smiley: ! what are your tought on them ?

Those spacers are total junk, they always have been. I don’t buy yoyos that use them anymore.

I never had any trouble removing spacers from my yo-yos…ever.

Too bad you’re in Canada, cause I have a ton of spacers that came as extras, and could have put a few in the mail for you. :-[

Just the words are cool ! the worst in that is that spacer cost 5$ but shipping is 10 box
and if you have something in your bst that interest me i could buy it and put a little extra for spacers ?

They suck, SPR mods are amazing.

is this the thing where you sand the spacer ? i’ve been thinking about it

I wear sunglasses occasionally with little screws in them, and tend to take apart small electronic items with those little screws in them too. So, I keep one of these little screwdrivers around the house. I think it would work perfectly for the issue you were having. Stick the flat head version in all four sides of the spacer and presto!

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3948/15576618857_ae1ac1e80d_z.jpgProtostarspacer by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Check out the useful guide I made a while back in “The guide to useful modifications.”

I hate spacers - but I haven’t broken any since my first year with a Plastic Grind Machine.

Lately the only yoyo’s I have played with that have spacers are the CLYW Yeti’s I own, and luckily I have had no bearing issues.

Grelots; what is your Primary speaking language?

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Removing a YYF spacer is a right of passage that every yoyoer must go through. It’s our equivalent of the sword in the stone. ;D

Yoyodoc> french,i’m from quebec

TotalArtist has the right idea. We use one of those mini screwdrivers to remove the spacers as well, just takes a little patience.

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If one day i buy some other spacers i will know this :smiley: but they are to pricey for what they are, but does anybody actually know why they use them ?