Why does everybody hate spacers


I was wondering whats wrong with spacers. Every time spacers are mentioned I hear “dear god why they suck”


They just often get stuck to the bearing and make treatment harder.

Plus they suck. Dear god. Why.


I rather have a spacer on the severe 2013 cause now my severe has insane vibe even I loctite it.


Everyone needs a little spacer here and there.


I like them, I like the axle hole to have a non threaded part to start with. I have only found a couple non spacer yoyos that do this.
Although I don’t really like the ones in the protostar, just because they get stuck to the bearing and are easy to cause burrs on when trying to remove the bearing. all in all that is not super bad just more annoying then anything.
For people new to yoyoing I always suggest a non spacerd yoyo mainly because so many people try to put them in backwards, or open their yoyo in a way the spacers fall out. So for these people I suggest yoyos with out spacers just because the less problems you run into during your beginner stage the more likely it seems you will stick around.


Well, if it’s YYF and their “grip of death”, then they suck.

Otherwise, its just one more component that has movement potential and increases the possibility of vibration.

I’ve got plenty of yoyos that use spacers. I enjoy them. Some play a bit better than others.

I do have issues with those of mine that are YYF’s with death grip syndrome. YYF was “It’s for performance purposes” and we proved “no, that’s a load of manure” and even YYF is starting to make adjustments.


They raise the chocking hazard through the roof.


Yeah the choking hazard.
And if you lose one, you basically lose them both. More parts to maintain. They ge stuck so bad you may end up destroying one in the process of removing.


Never been fond of them. I’ve always lost them.


So if/when you post anything mentioning spacers and 6 people respond, that Constitutes ‘everybody’?

Most problems occur in 3 primary categories: Equipment malfunction, Operator error, or a combination of Both.

Many times people get upset at things they either Don’t understand or just Don’t know how/when to use.

Spacers can serve a purpose if used effectively.

Hate is a pretty extreme word to describe something so simple.

Shim type spacers are often an option and not necessarily a solution.

The primary problem I have found, is that people most often use ill fitting spacer shims.

If a spacer does not fit exactly correct, your experiment Fails.

Most people that Hate spacers simply don’t know how to fit/or/use them.


You loose them easy


Here’s a true story:
I let someone use my bumblebee, he unscrewed the yo-yo do to a knot. He dropped A spacer. I had to spend $4 for a spacer kit, when I just needed one.


Because spacers are FREAKIN annoying


I actually like spacers. I’ve never had a problem with them (well, except for the yoyofactory ones) and they offer nice customization.


I think spacers help with plastic yoyos since if the bearing seat was made of plastic it would be very easy to mess up, but if it was metal if it is wore down just switch it for new ones.


I don’t hate them I dislike loosing them.


For what they’re worth, they are worth it for the job they do.

The YYF ones are spacers from hell. I shoved a screwdriver in my finger and cut myself in the process of removing one.