Dying speedaholic questions

Ok so I’ve watched the video and I’m pretty sure it’s just rit dye and acetone. My question is about the melting. Can I do multiple dips and rinses? Also I have a red speedaholic and I wonder if dying the rims black will take away that awesome clearness. Also can I use my moms nail polish remover instead of buying pure stuff? Uhhhh do I need worry about the metal bearing seats if I’m just doing the rims?(rust?)
And on another note, how long does the flowable silicone last for everyone, I can only get a few hours, should I use some chemical to clean it first(same question applies to metal aswell)((you all suggested the shutter and I am super happy, thank you yoyo expert community))

Probably someone with more recent knowledge of the situation will chime in, but I’ve seen posts here that Rit changed the dye mix and it doesn’t work well anymore. Regarding the acetone question, if it still works w/Rit, use the pure stuff. The nail polish remover has other stuff in it. Don’t worry about the metal prts - not an issue.

Edit: Here’s the post about the dye:
RIT Dye for plastics…

On it second note flowable lasts for weeks for me. U don’t have to wipe it down. I don’t I just get the major stuff out. Just make sure it sets 24 hours.

I have experience with this. Rit DOES NOT work anymore. Go to Joann Fabric and get iDye Poly. There is a powder packet, which is the dye, and some other liquid. Don’t use the liquid, only the powder dye. Use mostly acetone, but put a bit of water in there so it doesn’t melt the yoyo. Dip it and and shake it around for 15 second. Repeat this process until you get the color you want. Then, when your done dying, dunk it in water for a little bit, just to rinse it off. And you need PURE ACETONE from the hardware store. Nail polish remove won’t work. When you’re done, your’s might look like mine:

And don’t work about the spacers if the rims are the only thing being submerged. Let me know if this helped.

Sorry to burge in on your thread but I didn’t want to make a whole other one- can a speedaholic or surge or onestar be painted? I wouldn’t do it myself, I’d hire a forum member to do it.

Yes, BcMaddog can do it for you

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks!