Dye BigYo?

think I could? And how?

Yeah, I suppose you could. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nanowe1tG9g

A couple of useful topics:


I want to do it… but how much of the ingredients, and what do you do about the rims/outside??? For the second link.

The amount of ingredients aren’t too important, you just don’t want to use too much acetone. I’d usually use a package of rit dye and equal parts acetone/water. The time varies a lot depending on what type of plastic the yoyo is. Just check on it regularly.

When you say rims, do you mean metal rims or rubbery(aqua, tm, etc.) rims? For metal rims, you don’t have to do anything they’ll be fine. Yoyos with rubber rims are tricky to dye, their rims will absorb the color before the plastic, and if you’re using acetone there is a chance the rubber will melt. So, you can dye rubber rims very easily, but you have to be careful not to melt them if you’re using acetone(you can dye without acetone, it just takes a very long time).

alot of dye

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