Is the sleep time of the CTX less than CT?


I just received my Borealis, it’s my first time trying out a CTX bearing.

Much smoother and quieter than the CT, however I realize that it spins out (dies out) faster when doing tricks compared to a CT. Is something wrong with my CTX bearing? Or does 10 ball bearings just sleep less in general?

And does Konkave bearings have 8 or 10 balls in it?

Thank you!

I had a borealis for about 3 days before I bailed. The spin time wasn’t as powerful as others. Not sure if it’s the bearing or the presence of my center weight and less rim weight…

Just keep playing it. All bearings have a break in time, you just gotta get through it. Also, the Borealis doesn’t have super long sleep times. They’re plenty long, but not as long as others.

Yeap, spin time was not as powerful as I thought.

What does breaking in a bearing actually mean?

When it comes from the factory, there’s very slight machining lines/imperfections. Breaking in is when you’re playing it for the first few hours to get rid of those imperfections. It smooths the balls and race out.

Thanks for explaining Fuzz! Now it makes sense.

Do you know if KonKave bearings have 8 or 10 balls inside em?

It’s typically not as drastic as imperfections with the balls, more like factory lubrication that dictates a break in.

Clean it if you must.

Breaking in just means playing with it to wear in the lubrication.

Seriously, after this recent discussion you need to ask this question.

Practically, there will be no noticeable difference in sleep time between 8 or 10 balls, if it’s of the same quality and same configuration (lube amount and thickness).
There is more friction between the string and body of the yoyo while doing tricks that slows it down, than the friction in the bearing itself.

Yes… To answer the original question about sleep times.

If you get identical yoyo halves and equip one with a CTX and the other with a CT; and do a comparison test; this is the result>

On a clear day… At high noon… At an altitude of 2376 feet… With a barometric pressure of 28.9… With Azimuth reading of 141.5’… Facing a 13 mph South by South east headwind… A 5 foot, 11 inch player with a 35.5 arm length… Stroking a throw down within the range of the center of his Powerband… With a Kitty 1.5 string 43 inches long at neutral tension… >

Would result in the CTX spinning 1/7th of a second longer than the basic CT.



:clap: absolutely