I want to get a new bearing for my cypher (I have a spec now) but I’m not sure if I should get a
center trac or a CTX. I know one has ten balls and one has eight, but I don’t know how each plays. I have a CTX from my n12 but no center tracs. Do they fell any different in use? Thanks for any advise in advance!


Sorry double post ;(

CTX has 10 balls,so smoother
Play ,but more friction, so a little less spin time.
Not to mention a higher risk for the bearing to mess up(If one ball is messed up the entire bearing is done)

The CT is basically the opposite.

Pick your poison :slight_smile:

Are you buying it now, or did u get it from the worlds pack?
If you bought it now, it already comes with one


To me, all centering bearings are crimes, they sound like a raccoon going through a wood chipper. If you’re about smoothness and silence, an OD 10 ball will do you well. If you like less string bites and more spin time, go with a ct or CTX.

I got it in the prauge pack, and I’m fine with some vibe, but how long would the spin time difference be?

Lol who picks sound>performance?
Ever heard of a bad bearing?

Honestly, I can’t really find a difference. Neither one should cause vibe though.

Difeyo Konkave is the way to go.

I’m gonna have to second the konkave, they’re fantastic! And if cleaned well they aren’t quite as loud, but do still make some noise. I use those in all the yoyos I use most, I’ve probably got 4 if them now. But your best bet beyond that would be the CT. I have an OD 10 Ball but I wasn’t too impressed with it, mine was actually a little loud too even after being cleaned. Could have been a defect though, who knows. I’ve only ever tried the one. Honestly with most bearings it’s going to come down to preference, but I will put a word out for the konkave, they’ve served me well

Konkave over a CT/CTX?


Will the bearing come pre-lubbed or will it be dry?

To me a bearing is a bearing until matched with the appropriate throw. Some bearings I prefer in certain throws. My first run Arctic Circle played like garbage with any centering bearing and so on.

Try it if it doesn’t “jive” put it in something else.

CTX is pre-lubed and will have highly variable break-in time. I had two break in beautifully within a few hours, and one that I had to clean and re-lube.

CT are not pre-lubed.

Regarding noise, I ALWAYS care about the noise of my bearings. It’s a primary concern. If that answers the question “who?” :wink: I play a lot of yoyo while hanging out with my wife, either chatting or watching TV. If the bearing sounds awful, that scenario just doesn’t work.

Lots of centering bearings can be quiet. The CTX is very quiet. I have some KKs and Chinese concaves that are super-quiet.

OD 10-balls are GENERALLY still quieter, but I can’t handle the maintenance of those things. So finicky. And they’re not universally quiet, either.

At the end of the day, noise is important to me, but I prefer the feel of playing a KK so I make that one concession. Without a nicely-lubed and broken in 10-ball, I don’t have the quietest of the quiet. But any well-maintained and lightly lubed bearing can come close enough for rock and roll.

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The ten ball CC that came in my n12 is quiet as a mouse. Slight sound but I can’t hear if I have headphones in (which I do often times when I use any yoyos).

Earbuds are the ones that go in.

Maybe he wears beats when he throws

Gold CT and NSK’s are the only bearings i have that can be called ‘quiet’.

No, just normal earbuds.

But he said he could hear the bearing.