Maybe he’s listening to a yoyoer.

I listen to music, on my cypher, I can hear the bearing behind the music because I don’t have to music very loud. But my n12 has a very quiet bearing that I can’t hear when I listen to music.

Meh I’m at the point where next time I acquire a ct I’m going to throw it in the garbage. Worst bearing ever. CTX is great tho

Is there any huge differences in play between a ctx and konkave?

Not when you compare a 10-ball to a 10-ball. The number of balls will affect the bearing’s characteristics more than the profile IMO. Sure, there are obvious physical differences in the shape and people will say “the flat part of the CTX allows more string layers without bunching”. You just wait for it. But it’s bull. You won’t notice a difference.

On a sleeper without doing ANY tricks at all, the CTX will precess more often. That’s it. And who wants to just watch a sleeper? For all intents and purposes, the pure performance in play will be the same.

From my limited experience i would say they both play very similar, however the 10ball version will likely be much quieter than the 8ball. I have the 10ball and its probably my top 3 favs. Maybe even #1. Ive been experimenting qith diff bearings latwly and have bought one of each from many many different companies and providers.


I don’t remember what decision I ended up making since it was 10 years ago, but I’ll take this into consideration for next time :slight_smile:


Really? I havent tried the gold version becuz i read somewhere that eventually the gold plating wears off. But i have tried the nsk ds, nsk koncave, and the nsk CT. I gotta day althought they perform admirably, they are noisy. Cant get them to quiet down. I used all them for quite some time to ensure it wasnt a mattwr of them being new, but they never got guiet.