CT, CTX or Konkave?


I’m planning on getting some new bearings to replace the OD 10 ball bearings (I love how smooth they are but not a big fan of it being flat at all)

I’m quite happy with the CT, but have yet to try a CTX or Konkave. Does the Konkave have 10 balls like the CTX? Or just 8?

Which one do you recommend for smoothness? I would like the string to stay dead center too.

And does the Borealis come with a CT or CTX?


Borealis comes with a ctx

Also check out the yyr ds bearing they center better than the konkave

+1 for YYR DS bearings.

as for the others? think of them like Vanilla, French Vanilla and Vanilla Bean. All gonna do the job the same way.

Unless your making Root beer floats, those aren’t good with vanilla bean.

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Is it okay to keep my extra bearings in a sealed plastic?

Where do you guys keep yours?


Why not just buy a CTX and a konkave and see which one you like best. That’s what I’m going to do. Do think the Konkave Ceramic bearing is worth buying. Can it be lubed?

Frank Difeo says ceramics should be lubed like any other bearing. I personally don’t think they are worth the cost.

I personally don’t find ceramics to be worth the extra cost.

Yup, I’ve decided to get some konkaves. Can’t wait to try em out.

I hope I’ll like em :stuck_out_tongue:

definitley DS.

10-ball goodness

I LOVE the DS bearings, but they are actually only 8 ball (i know! right?)

Been using the buddha whipple I think they’re called. Cheap and sweet!

I got a Buddha Ripple and felt the same. Cheap and sweet. (however i came to the conclusion that I do not prefer grooved bearings)

KK was a good choice! Great build quality, smooth and quiet performance.

All the best bearings I’ve used have actually been 8-ball. Except for the CTX, which I do prefer to the 8-ball CT.

I have yet to try DS, interested in trying out the new Pixel bearing. Currently in love with KK! <3