Help with CTX bearing maintenance?

I purchased a ctx bearing along with my c3 token, and when I first got it it didn’t seem to spin very long or all that smoothly (at all), but I assumed it just needed to be broken in. It played quite well after I had broken it in, and never really checked on it at all for a few weeks. However all of a sudden about a month since I bought it, it got very loud and rough feeling, and slightly responsive. So naturally I took my yoyo apart and saw that the bearing was gunked up or something. So I soaked the bearing in pure acetone for about ten mins, shook it around, just generally juggle-wiggled it. Took the bearing out, spun on a pencil, shook it really fast and let it dry for a few mins. I spun it around again and it was barely any better than it was before I cleaned it. ie: spun for about 1-2 seconds and was really unsmooth. I repeated the process like five fricken times to no avail. Help me. I don’t want to by another bearing.

did you lube it before you spun it on a pencil? have you tried using compressed air to blow out any chunks?

No to both of those.

hmm if you didn’t lube it and its still not spinning well… I’m not sure what to say other than to try compressed air and see how that goes.

Alright ill try that out.

If it doesn’t work out I have some spare CTs and a CTX I could sell ya for a good price.

What’s the difference between the two anyways?

The ctx is ten balls without shields the ct is 8 balls with shields.

Ctx is smoother and quieter.