I ordered 3 CTX bearings and put one in my Gnarwhal 2 and I’m only getting 1:30 minute spin time. It’s really quiet, is this normal?

yes until you break them in they will be quiet with short spin times… if your worried you can clean them out… some lighter fluid or mineral spirits will do the job.

thanks :slight_smile:

Yup, exactly what Alecto said. I prefer to break mine in, but I did have one that never broke in. The factory lube was just a bit too plentiful I guess. Eventually cleaned and re-lubed it and it was all kinds of wonderful after that.

I’m too impatient to break in my CTXs, a quick rinse in denatured alcohol and a tiny drop of lube is all it takes to be perfect.

I agree, I’d much rather just clean bearings right away than try and monkey with how much some bearings are lubed stock. I’ve had much better experiences with my bearings since I started cleaning them immediately after getting them, as then I know they’re cleaned and lubed to my preference.

Yah…, I like to lube my bearing right after I clean it 2