How long did it take for you to break in your gold CT?

Cuz it’s brand new and makes a weird noise!
Just wondering about how long it will take

I don’t have a GCT, but I might be able to help. Did you lube it before you threw it? If so, that is probably the problem. YYF says to not lube it. If not, just play with it (duh, LOL).

I can’t speak for the gold CT right now. After I get some money after my gig this weekend, I’m gonna order a bunch of bearings from YYE for experimentation.

2 gold CT’s

Anyhow, I find with new bearings already in a yoyo, I just will play them as-is(usually) until they start to act semi-responsive. This time can vary from minutes to hours or days. Noise may or may not be an symptom. When I just got my YYJ Synthesis, the bearing went semi-responsive within 5 minutes.

When the bearing goes responsive or semi-responsive, I find cleaning the bearing resolve the problem the vast majority of the time.

This has worked for me with YYJ Speed bearings, One Drop 10 Ball bearings and others. I would expect this to generally work on nearly any bearing.

After cleaning, how or if you lube is your choice. I can’t see the gold CT being any different.

At the same time, there’s no point to cleaning your bearing if it doesn’t need it.