Bearings suddenly quiet and then suddenly the same again?

I was playing my shutter today and I was just doing some yuuki slacks… When the bearing just became a little quieter. I don’t know why. I played it a little more and noticed it was exactly the same- same spin times, same smoothness, same everything. I played it for 15 more minutes, and it gradually became the regular loudness again. Has this ever happened to you before?

By the way it was a CT.

All the time with the CT in my puffin. Sometimes with a tenable and whatever gsquared ships with now.

Welcome to the mysterious world of bearings, serious, that’s just what they do, more often than not they have a mind of their own.


It could be breaking in, it could just be what is normal for it. CT’s are pretty good, so unless performance becomes unpredictable and unreliable(and mostly responsive), don’t worry.

It is definetely done breaking in. I used it on my G funk for 3 months of constant play and then switched it to my shutter. I’m not worrying, I’m just curious if it ever happened to anyone else before.