Is the pill worth it

Is the terra pill worth getting when you have a kendama? Is there even much to do without that doesn’t require lots of skill?

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I have a couple so i’d say it’s worth it, they’re fun.

I have a Kendama, Jumbo Pill and Pill. I tend to reach for the pill’s more than the Kendama. That’s just me though, I don’t have a background in kendama, just play around with it every now and then, I tend to have more ideas on the Pill.


I loooove the Pill, far more so than Kendama. The Pill is far more spike and flip oriented rather than balance, so if you find yourself having trouble with those kind of tricks then it’s great. The Jumbo Pill is infinitely easier than the Pill, so it’s a great place to start.

I’m not good at either, but they’re certainly both different enough and both fun.

The lip stalls/balance tricks are good fun. Just watch the Guy Wright edit for ideas. :slight_smile:

I would rather have a pill than a kendama, if I had to choose, that is.

Dude, just get a pill.

Don’t do it. The pill is never worth it. ::slight_smile:

No…Do not like pill or kendama much I’m into throwing…?

Huh, this thing eh?

Yes they are worth it and anyone considering it (with the disposable cash) should get one. That is, if kendama already interests you. They are great fun and super portable

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