Pill or Jumbo Pill?

Thinking about getting a Pill or Jumbo Pill. Any thoughts on which one would be better to get first? Pros and cons of each?

Just ordered a Pill. Will probably order a Jumbo Pill later.

Looking forward to it coming in.

How was it?

I love the Pill! I’ve enjoyed learning Kendama, but it continues to feel foreign to me. However, the Pill feels almost like a second home ;D already planning to buying a cherry Pill and a coupl Jumbo pills later in March!

But aren’t the possibilities pretty limited.

That’s debatable :wink:

Yeah, It’s pretty awesome what it’s capable of. Definitely takes some imagination. Check out Guy Wrights Instagram, @1aguywright, he’s putting up some pretty cool tricks.

Ya I have seen him and I am still debating whether I should get one or not.

I’ve got a Jumbo Pill now that should be arriving tomorrow, after a mess up by USPS. Can’t wait for it!

I have been doing kendama for a while, and yoyo for a quite long time (over six years), the pill just feels so… natural. Trick ideas just keep coming, maybe because it’s simple you need to think out of the box when it comes to doing tricks, while there are so many kendama tricks and combos already and mostly require a lot of time and effort to practice even a basic move, people end up learning tricks more than trying to make new tricks.