Jumbo! Shenzhu Specifically


Firstly, I have some general questions about a Jumbo ken. Does using a Jumbo ken feel significantly different than a normal one? Also, are Jumbo sized tama’s used or are they typical size? I would assume they’re a different size, just inquiring I suppose.

Second, how is the Shenzhu Jumbo Kendama? How are Shenzhu kendamas in general?


Edit: Just to add a bit more info… This would be my second kendama, and I own a Sweets Matte Seafoam Kendama. I love it! Would love a comparison between Sweets and Shenzhu, but any advice would be helpful.


great first kendama you have!

and yes jumbos are bigger in every sense, they have been easier to play with as far as landing tricks due to larger size.

i will say they are a work out haha, ive actually gotten a sore arm from jumbos, good workout =]

(Waylon) #3

They’re pretty fun. I got to try one at MER. I totally want one.


hey waylon!!! how yah been!

just ordered mine from yoyosam the other day. should recieve it tommarrow, super excited!

(Waylon) #5

Pretty good :slight_smile: I’m enjoying the chopsticks knot GT thing you taught me. That’s a tough one to get consistent. I have short fingers and a preference for full sized Yoyos. That makes chopsticks hard.

I ordered a crackle coated regular kendama today. That rubber/matte finish is irresistible. I’ll have a jumbo before summer is out. You’ll have to make a video with yours.