Is the pill worth it?


Is the pill worth 17 dollars? Or should i save up more and get something else? ???


Pills are bad, they can ruin your life.


They are worth the price, but if you don’t do kendama it may not appeal to you.



(M.DeV1) #5

They seem extremely limited to what they can do other then just spiking it.


I have one, it’s fun. Watch some videos of people playing with one, might help you decide.

(Owen) #7

I mean, it’s really easy to get hooked on it so just dont lose control.


$17 is nothing for the hours of fun the pill gives you. (So many jokes could be made right now…)
I have a cherrywood one and I love it


oh lord.


I couldn’t think of any way to word it to make it sound better…


Red pill or blue pill?


What you did there
I see it


Its okay, you play it for 5 mins at a time then never touch it for a while. Comes in handy if you’re really bored!!


People think its has very limited tricks, but you can actually do quite a lit of tricks, such as balance tricks, air tricks, “string” tricks, and so much more.


I had a pill that was supposed to do tricks… It didn’t really work, and I got in trouble with the law… STAY AWAY FROM PILLS!