Is Kendama Bad for My Mental Health?

Just wondering if playing with kendamas and buying a freaking $60 wooden stick would make me seem stupid or dumb in any way. What is the most you guys have spent on a wooden stick with a ball at the end?

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50$ For my krom 80$ for two Emperors a five hole and a glow, 40$ for my Pro model…

Not stupid if your good enough to notice the difference maybe a little foolish If your a beginner.

So far I have spent $0 on kendamas. I traded an unused yoyo for one, and then won two great ones in a raffle. :slight_smile:

However, I WOULD spend up to $45 for a nice one. I would prefer to spend $30 or less in general. I would not likely spend $60 for one unless I became nutty addicted to it, which I’m not quite yet.

I bought the six pack of the sweets focus… and an atack…

The six pack was to give away, but it was still funny having 7 NIB kendamas on my table.

Ummm, no, but posting on yoyo forums is.



Kendama is extremely hazardous to your health it is up there with jumping of a bridge and shooting yourself.

  1. kendama will make you think that your becoming more adept in balancing while it takes more and more of your throwing time.
  2. It puts tremendous strain on your back and knees, while also making you think that this pain is healthy.
  3. when it gets close enough to you it will get you to put it around your neck which cuts off blood circulation to the brain making you more susceptible to falling deeper and deeper into its trap

to make things short the kendama is as bad a brain sucking leech reducing you to the mental capacity of a pro football player.
my advice is to throw it into mount doom and be done with alot of trouble

P.s. if Jake Weins jumps after the kendama into mount doom let him, its for the best really.

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Is this a troll?

life is a troll