Is the onedrop Rally good for 5a?


Is the onedrop Rally good for 5a? should i get a takshi dice for it? will it work good with takeshi dice?


I picked up a rally at worlds this year and gave it a shot at 5a. It’s really quite good for 5a. There aren’t many yoyos in it’s price range that are as good at 5a as the rally. You can’t go wrong with the rally.

Concerning the takeshi (and other bearingized counterweights) - They only really help with string tension during high speed 5a. If you’re just starting out or have a more laid back 5a style, you really won’t notice any difference vs. a standard Duncan counterweight. Also, the takeshi die works with any yoyo.


I don’t do that much 5A but the shape looks good to me. I have a Rally but I only use it for 1A.

I like the Takeshi dice, and if you want to use it, any yoyo is compatible with it that you want to use it with.


I love it for 5a, and I almost always use a Takeshi dice with it. Check at 2:30 for some basic 5a with that setup:

(SlimJoe) #5

Beesting > tangler is sweet!!