is the code 2 good for horizontal?


I want to start horizontal, and i wanted to know if the code 2 is good for it, is it?


It works for me

(Owen) #3

Yes it is.

But for the same price you could get a Super G which IMO plays a lil better for horizontal and also grinds which I liiiikkkeeee. Whatever your gut says doe.

(SR) #4

i dunno it mite not spin long enuf 4 u amirite


What the heack Sr!!! Lol, I just dont know what the last word is…

(SR) #6

wut the heack is rong wit ur spelling


The last word is obviously am I right :stuck_out_tongue:



New question: how’s the code 2 for horizontal?


It works well for me.


Any yoyo can deal with horizontal, its just how much effort you are willing to put in to see the results. However, Nemyo said…the Super G is also not bad for horizontal and grinds really well, and is also stable and is AMAEIZANG.


Well some yoyos can hold a horizontal plane better than others though :stuck_out_tongue:


But all modern yoyos can handle one enough to do horizontal (so don’t be the smarty pants and ask me to do horizontal on an Imperial)
P.S. hey Andy, I’m a psychic :o




I’m sure it would do horizontal good as long as you don’t suck as horizontal.

It’s all about your skill.

The Yeah3 is actually pretty good for horizontal though


Yes code 2 is awesome for horizontal.


Well, I do suck at horizontal… The best I can do is land a horizontal trapeze and Bind… XD


You’re ahead of me. Haven’t successfully binded back a horizontal throw yet, unless I hop it up to fingerspin and bind from there.


I can do horizontal but I can’t fingerspin to save my life xD


The code 2 holds a horizontal plane fairly well so yes, it is good at horizontal, when you start to learn horizontal the yoyo will tend to slowly go vertical, the code 2 will help prevent that a little.


Since my Super G is the only one that can grind well anyway, I tried a fingerspin with it…ouch. My finger quickly flew out to the IRG, which caused my string to instantly strangle my finger…