should i start horazontal? and is it easy

? Post your opinion


If you need to ask you aren’t ready for it. Just send it to me, I know what to do with it. ;D

I wish this site had a “thumbs down” button.

You can do anything with a Code 2. Practice horizontals; they’re easy.


I was planning to make a tutorial pretty soon… its pretty much an introduction to horizontal play.

Best way to get started.

I think it would be great if people re-stated the topic in the body of their message. Sorry, just in a “remind people what good form is” mood since people seem to forget what good form is these days.

Also, I have no idea what horazontal is. Do you mean horizontal? Why not just try it and see how it goes.

Easy? No clue. Everyone is different.

Maybe, it depends on your skill level. Very much yes.

I think it would have been easier to pick up the yoyo than make this thread. Seriously. Just throw it horizontally and you should be able to immediately know whether or not you are up to that level yet. We can’t tell you.

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I can assure you from reading hundreds of posts by him that skitrz’s response was “tongue in cheek”.

Please get your hilarity meter calibrated. ;D

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