How to start horizontal


I’m becoming fairly proficient and normal play and I want to start messing around with horizontal. I have a lot of throws to choose from, but that’s not my question right now. My question is where do I start with horizontal? Are there any good tutorials out there for beginning this? I really don’t know how to start.

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Next question: Code 1, Code 2, Dietz, Sas, Chief, Facade, Wrath, Viszilla, Sceptre, PGM, dv888, ywet, gfunk, overhaul?

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The Chief and Code 2 were MADE for horizontal play. Get one of those, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


I’ve got them both. I think I’ll start with the Code 2.
I really appreciate the help. Horizontal intimidates me.

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Don’t be intimated. It’s actually super easy. Just make sure you’re throwing right.


What exactly is right? lol


Being new you at horizontal need a yoyo that has great direction changing ability. I would suggest the Chief or the code 1. And not to promote but the wrath is in the same light category and was built for it. Being new its a challenge to maintain heavier yoyos horizontal, It makes you feel like you have to rush and be fast when it almost the opposite.

Also, try throwing the yoyo at a tiny angle and do your normal tricks. Then, keep tilting your throw more and more and you will soon feel normal with horizontal.