is the ANGLAM yoyo the best yoyo?

is the ANGLAM yoyo the best yoyo because its so expensive.

Is the Classic the worst yoyo because it is really cheap? No, it plays amazing.

Same for the Anglam, price doesn’t matter, but relatively the pricier it is, the better it is, but not necessarily.

It’s not the most expensive recent yoyo by a longshot.

No such thing as a ‘best’ yoyo. Comes down to preference. That said, the Anglam is one hell of a fantastic yoyo.


I’m with Yuki on this one. It’s certainly my favorite YoYo though. It’s the only YoYo I own that I could indentify blindfolded. It has a very unique feel to me. Can’t say enough great things about it.

it all depends on your prefrence, it is not the best just because of its price. if you like it then it may be the best yoyo out there for YOU but not others.


There really isn’t a best yoyo. All just preferences.


At worlds 2012 it was not saying its the best out there but it has to be pretty good if one of the best yoyoers out there used it to win worlds. But Jensen Kimmit won World’s with a $35 plastic so its not really the yoyo its the player.

Yes. For example, I thought I should get a Atmosphere verse a few others because it cost more, and guess what. I hate it! My ONE is better.

“There can be only one” best and I own it. Sorry :’( .

Actually most yoyos in the 15 dollar and up range, are all pretty good at this time. There are even some pretty good things under 15 bucks.

one star!

Thumbs Up for the $15 OneStar!

Eh, I tried one and the gap was way too wide for my tastes.