best yoyo

what do you guys think is the best yoyo in the world?

there is no best yoyo.

It’s all opinion

This kind of discussion just won’t get off the ground here.

What cha doin’, tryin’ to start a fight or somethin’?

It’s all preference my friend, there is no best yoyo.

What is the best for some could be the worst for others.

I’ve talked about this a fair amount with the guys at my club and one person (not me) in particular says that the best yoyo is one which is, at this point, the stuff of yoyo legend. So I drew you all a nice little picture to convey the yoyo in question. Enjoy.

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It hasn’t been released yet, but it’ll be a yoyo from Slithering Hippo.

I was at a competition last fall where I bumped into a fella from the Kansas City area I believe and he was very adamant in his confidence that the opinion expressed here is absolutely the correct one. Maybe it’s the same guy.

I believe the 2 best yoyos, and try to follow me without getting angry, are the imperial, and the brain. The imperial has started almost everyone into yoyoing. The brain is the one that we first started to do tricks with until we moved on to bigger and better things… Without those 2, so many fewer people and innovations would exist. Total shout-out to the silver bullet as well, even though I’ve never thrown one.

On the other hand, I think the best one is whichever one I’m playing with at any given time. :slight_smile:


If it spins, it’s best.

I have just discovered that the Spyy El Ranchero is the best yoyo out right now. I’ve spent thousands looking for a yoyo that plays like this. From an objective point of view I cannot find a single thing wrong with the way it plays, or a way in which it is bested by any other yoyo I have tried…and I’ve tried a lot.

I have to agree with you there stookie.

I am intrigued by the six holes around the outside center. What do those do for you? Do they affect play or are they strictly cosmetic?

Totally want to buy this. It looks amazing!

Quit yoyoing and go juggle.

I’m really curious if the flaws on the red one effect play at all.

I wouldn’t think so. Just looks cosmetic to me. I doubt Andre would sell anything on this site without fully disclosing something like that.

But if that price drop helps you get one, do it. I can’t figure this thing out. It’s big, but it doesn’t play like a big yoyo. It’s heavy, but it doesn’t play heavy. It’s hugely rim weighted but it’s lighting fast. It’s as if it has all the advantages of these features but Spyy somehow just removed all of the usual drawbacks. I made it through about…maybe a 3 trick combo before I stopped and thought “this is the best yoyo I’ve ever thrown”.