A slight twist on "Your favorite yoyo?"

So, weekly we go through the “what’s your favorite yoyo?” and we all wax poetic about how this or that yoyo speaks to us personally in some magical way, or how we see our collection as a set of unique little flowers that each deserve to be tended to with loving admiration. And that’s great. But.

I want to know, objectively, which is the best yoyo and why? Which yoyo stands above the rest in your experience in a clinical, and objective way. The most stable, reliable, longest spinning, easiest to manuever, whatever categories of performance are important to you regardless of how well you actually like playing the yoyo.

Or maybe better, answer this question…“You’re forced to enter a 1A competition against your will and you must perform at your best or bad things will happen. Which yoyo do you use and why?”

And I’ll go ahead and do mine.

Ti5. This isn’t my favorite yoyo. I think the edges are a little sharp in the hand and I actually tend to hate this sort of shape. I also like a “faster” and “more powerful” feeling throw. The Ti5 is very floaty compared to most.

…but, this thing is still amazing from a performance perspective. It has a huge catch zone, it’s so stable that I can barely even knock it off axis if I try, and it seems to spin forever. Tricks that I’m just not getting through with other throws barely seem to phase this yoyo. If forced to compete, I think this would be the vehicle for me.

Still gonna say Anglam.

It has what I like the way I like it.

As of this very moment and how I feel after I received mine yesterday, I am going to say General Yo Majesty. It’s unlike any other throw I’ve ever owned. Makes throwing easy.

It seems I should buy this yoyo. Good things are often said.

…goes to consider

Well at the asking price, it ought to be every bit as brilliant as it is. Handles grinds well, spins forever, stable, smooth and it’s just comfortable to use. So if I had a gun to my head, I’d go Anglam as well.


This thread is basically wha MY favorite yoyo is about for me. When it comes to it, I don’t care for looks or color but just give me a competition beast that is built for it.

Overdrive for me at the moment, JUST for 1A since we are not talking 3,4, and 5A here.

I would pick between these.

CLYW Avalanche
CLYW Chief
General Yo Majesty
General Yo KLR

Xcon Pro, it’s smooth, spins long, and has equal weight, and a good EDIT. Feel.