Anglam or Laser

Which should I get?

Laser, at least as good as the Anglam, but with less $$$ spent in hype

The Anglam is probably the most expensive full production run yoyos going around so if you’re not absolutely 100% sure that you’re going to like it, I’d look elsewhere. That said, it is a very good throw. Haven’t had a chance to play the Laser so no comment there.


I own both the Anglam and the Laser and they’re both different from each other. The anglam is great for speed and horizontal and it is a somewhat of a floaty throw. The weight for the anglam though doesn’t feel right for it (a bit heavy for a yoyo that’s meant to go fast to me). It’s a good throw though.

The laser though feels really comfortable when you’re holding it and throwing it. I like to do lots of string tricks with the laser because of the weight distribution of it as well as the shape of it. It is a really fun throw and most suited more for 5A IMO (Laser was made for Yasuki Tachibana who is a 3A yoyorecreation member though). Playing speed and horizontal with the laser isn’t the best yoyo to play with that kind of play style. Comparing the laser with the anglam for speed and horizontal, the anglam wins it. But if you want a yoyo that feels right in the hands and has a “unique feel” (IMO) while playing with a lot of string tricks, go for the laser. (P/s: The sound of the laser spinning is really seducing to the ears.)

Personally, I’ll pick the Anglam as a competition yoyo and the Laser as a yoyo to make tricks and combos with it. To me, the Laser is more fun to play with compare to the anglam though I play my anglam way more than I do with my Laser. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Laser by a huge margin. Anglam feels really bland and isn’t anything special. Laser has so much power and feels so great, not to mention it’s cheaper. No contest. Get the Laser!

Agree with this guy. I’ve manage to play with an Anglam, and, being completely honest, it didn’t match my play style at all. My style is very complicated with little slack, while the Anglam is faster, and more agile. It is meant for more pops and faster tricks. I have played a Laser, and it almost matches my style perfectly, as well as my brother’s. It can go as slow as an Dreadnought if needed, or can go as fast as the Anglam. It feels a lot better in quality and feel than the Anglam. The Laser almost feels like a Summit, which matches any style very well, except the Laser is much better. I do feel, though, that the Laser doesn’t PERFECTLY match anyone’s style besides the creator, so that’s always something to account for.

In short, LASER!

anglam cc imo

Haven’t tried the Anglam but I’ve tried a CC and Laser and personally I liked the CC a bit more than the Laser