Phaser/ Slasher/Laser

Whasssup with all these yoyoers? I can hardly believe so many of the three best, and most incredible yoyos ever produced are still sitting on vendor’s shelves, while you guys and gals, are buying out so many throws that are merely mediocre. I hate nothing more than a “Mr Know It All”, and that is not what I am trying to be here; it is simple science that screams, the Phaser, the Slasher and the Laser are all superior yoyos and classes above so many of the others. So many throwers missing out on the BEST! Sad really.

I need another Laser. Just wish they released some better colors to replace the raw one i sold! Such a good yoyo. I really don’t like heavy throws but oh man the power of the Laser when it returns is just such a fun feeling. Also will get a Slasher soon, again as soon as some better colorways appear.

I actually threw a MIB Laser at a contest but nothing really felt… different. It was too plain. Even though it was as smooth as butter, it was still just not for me.

What makes a Phaser better than a Draupnir or a Dazzler?

I do want a one of their throws, but I don’t have $220 to spend on a yo-yo

Sputniks are also really really amazing. My favorite bi-metal at least.

No offense or anything man… but this is just your oppinion… I’ve got plenty of aluminum that prefer over my expensive super hyped bimetals… all the new fangled Shiny bimetals and all the titaniums are cool… its the player that makes a yoyo perform… I can tear it up with a kickside too… if you play with cheap low quality stuff… and you learn a trick… you can do it on anything… its not the yoyo kids… I’ve got throws from pre 08 that play better than the throws your talking about… again that’s my oppinion… just because it’s more expensive dosent mean it’s better… price dosent equal performance… statements as ignorant as that are purely the signs of someone that is a novice to the sport… you can’t buy skills… you’ll get over your bimetal fever hopefully, there is alot of aluminum that is just as good… you are just limiting yourself

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No offense or anything man, but everybody knows this. It’s one of the most obvious statements that I hear on this forum. The thing about expensive yoyos is that they can make it more pleasurable to throw, and in minuscule amounts they can help, particularly if your at a high level. I also know people who buy expensive yoyos because they say that the high stability helps them to learn tricks. There are many people who buy expensive yoyos, and I would be willing to bet that over 95% of these people know that it won’t make them better.

I just can’t deal with the graphics on the Laser

Some of what you’re saying is true, some of it not so much. If I went out and made a bimetal with my lack of CAD skills I’m sure there would be lots of 6061 yoyos that would outperform it. But when you’re talking about talented designers working with bimetal design, it will offer tangible benefits to capable players.

I just realized how nice of a shape the Phaser has! I don’t love the shape of my anglam :-\

The Phaser is a fantastic yoyo. Really strong spin (just keeps going and going), but it has a great amount of nimbleness to it as well. I managed to snag mine brand new for around $90.00 in the closing down sale of our old UK store, and for that it was an absolute steal. Chucked a brand new gold center-trac in it to match the gold colourway. Smooth as silk, silent as a whisper. A joy to throw and one of my most used yoyos as of late, easily one of the best that I own. :slight_smile:

I think the problem is just that price tag. $210 is a lot for any yoyo, especially one that doesn’t seem to be particularly outstanding or unique (it’s just a superfly remix with a weight ring). Even somebody who likes sOMEThING yoyos might be apprehensive at dropping so much cash on a yoyo that for all they know plays a lot like one they already own.

For the price I got it for, it’s worth every penny and then some. However, I had absolutely zero interest in it when it was at full retail, and would never have picked one up if I hadn’t seen it on sale at less than half price, only THEN to discover how good it was. Therein lies the problem methinks. :-\

I wish I would have known this when I bought my anglam I like the shape of the phaser much more

So you were the one who got it, even at such a low price, I really didn’t want it, mostly because I really didn’t like the Superfly Remix, but now I do regret I didn’t grab it.

Finally I decided to get one as I am getting closer to have the full sOMEThING range, and I paid retail price even if I will most likely not enjoy it very much…

It should arrive very soon and I hope I’ll like it.

the mid wall of the phaser throws me off. i d ask mickey why he seems to prefer those when i get a chance

You mean Anglam? I don’t think he designed the phaser. Maybe i’m wrong

I think he still does most of the designing work, and even if not he did this many times in the past like with the chaser series, first run phenoms and obviously all previous installments of the superfly series as well. The anglam series is not as extreme but the idea is still readily visible.