sOMEThING or Turning Point?


I got 300$ to spend on a new yoyo. I am deciding between the Anglam or the Positron 2. Which one do you guys think is better? Is Anglam really worth the 289$ or is the Positron 2 not too far off in terms of performance?


I would personally go for the positron 2. I like the feel of it over the anglam but haven’t tried the 7075 anglam so can’t speak on that. Have you considered the draupnir from yoyorecreation as well?


Yes I have considered the Draupnir, but it’s never in stock :frowning:


Positron 2 all the way
(The original is fantastic as well!)


Anglam, too much swag to be handled 8)


Out of the two, I would say anglam since its the only one I played xD
But seriously, It plays amazingly and can reach break neck speeds with ease. Also it destroys horizontal tricks; something ou can expect from hiroyuki suzukis signature throw.

But overall, my opinion would be to wait for draupnirs to restock. I heard from many that it is basically the best yoyo right now. And after seeing iori yamaki using it, I REALLY want one :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re over $100, I’m pretty sure the Positron and the Anglam are gonna play good, just as any other over $100 yoyo, just pick what you want, Marcus Koh won Worlds 2011 with a Positron 2 and Hiroyuki Suzuki won Worlds 2012 with an Anglam. They’re over $100 and both were built for very serious competition. Only reason I’d pick a Positron is beacuse it’s cheaper and can probably do the same things an Anglam could do anyway. Also, you could buy a Positron 2 and have money leftover for extras like strings and whatnot and possibly buy yoyos to explore other styles like 2A, 3A, 4A, or 5A.


MK used a Positron, not a Positron 2

Otherwise, I tend to agree. Anflam is excellent, but you pay mostly for the hype