Is that good?

Well i just started school about two months ago. On the first day I started yoyoing and people got interested. I told them the basics of yoyoing and I have now gotten about 12 people to purchase yoyos off of this site. :slight_smile:

If everyone is enjoying it, then yes, this is very good.

I like YYE, I make no apologies for that. But, I’m not going to “go ballistic” if someone buys from somewhere else. However, I am glad that they are purchasing from YYE anyways. I’ve seen plenty of other online yoyo stores, and from what I’ve seen, YYE has the best selection and best service. Others have decent selection and/or great service, some have both, but YYE has a bit of an edge over the rest of them.

All that really matters is that people are having a good time throwing yoyos and getting good stuff to throw.