Is polyester bad for starburst response yoyos?

I plan on picking up a pair of Yomega Raiders so I can get into 2A. I thought I read somewhere that using polyester is bad with starburst response. Is this true? Does it wear down faster? I know I shouldn’t use nylon for looping. I’m getting Raiders from a local store where I can find them $7 each.

I’ve found that plain cotton and 50/50 slick 8 work best for Raiders.

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I did some searching about 2A and people recommend 50/50 which I’m probably going to buy. So I have a few questions to close this topic.

What wears out faster for looping, 50/50 or polyester?

Do Raiders really need to be modded?

Does the yellow 50/50 yoyoexpert string sold here stand out or is it dull? Might buy white and yellow but I’m wondering if the yellow will stand out like kitty string or if it will look dull like in the picture provided.

Are the Raiders a good choice to start out with considering I can get a new pair for $14?

I don’t have any experience w/poly on loopers. tried it for my string trick yoyos and it was too slippy for me so I quit using it. I would assume it would be too slippy for looping as well.

I don’t mod my Raiders, I use one duncan sili sticker in them. I’ve also used one duncan friction sticker. I also have a couple of Raiders Ex’s that have a selection of spacers so you can set the gap closer to what works. I have one modded Raider I got from someone else. Doesn’t feel much different to me.

Yellow slick is pretty standard, I’ve not noticed it being dull. It tends to be fairly bright. YYE has slick 6, I prefer slick 8 (50/50). But slick 6 works ok.

You’ll get different opinions on if the Raider is good or not. I tend to like them. The balance and feel works good for me. The only other bearing looper I really like is the YYJ Relic (no longer made).

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Thank you for the help! I picked up two Raiders today but it’s not consistent with a tug to come back. On a hard throw it will come back to my hand with a tug, but when I give a nice solid throw tugging doesn’t work and neither does a good pull. Even a exaggerated pull doesn’t work half the time. I will pick up YYJ or YYF thick lube but for now should a put a few drops of YYF thin lube?

Yes, keep the bearing lubed well, both the bearing and the axle. Put in a duncan sili sticker if you need more. As far as lube goes, pull out one of the shields and throw it away. Easier to lube. Also what I use is a thin grease, such as white molybdenum grease. Comes in a small tube like toothpaste. With the shields off you can just pack it in. Sorry for not pointing this out before. YYJ Thin lube will probably work but not as well. I like yomega lube. If you have some sewing machine or 3-in-1 oil use that, works fine.

Also available at the hardware store: synco Super lube. same stuff as yomega lube.

I was able to find the same exact lube in my garage! It did help a ton and I will get the plastic spacers to do the mod. Thank you for the help!

Based on my experience, no, also no.

Yes, not exactly impossible to play it stock but I personally wouldn’t, it’ll hurt your fingers a lot faster especially with short strings.

My advice, buy a few plastic spacers, sand them flush to the starburst and slap into your raiders, crank a bit and you’re good to go… as long as it didn’t crack after modding though. It’s always safer to buy three raiders, just in case one decided to crack.

poly frays a slight more, but feels good