Is it scam?

So, someone said he’d sell me a B-grade 888 he bought from worlds for 5$ (yes that,s what he said. $5). He also said I can pay when I have the money. The thing is, he shipped it over more than 1 1/2 months ago, and it’s still not here. And that guy said it doesn’t have a tracking number because he used the cheapest way to send it. So… Do you people think he’s scamming me? Oh, I haven’t paid yet.

Based on what I’ve read, you’re not going to get the yo-yo and no, you haven’t been scammed because you haven’t lost anything.

Not a scam because you havnt recieved or paid. Basicallly nothing happened. o_o And I don’t think anything will.

Based on where you live, and how it was sent… I’m not surprised it hasn’t shown up.

First class mail to malaysia can take months and there is a fair chance that it never shows up (even if it was sent).


There’s a reason first class mail international isn’t an option at most yoyo stores. I ordered from another store once and it took a month before I got it.

this happend to me with a guy named yoyo legacy, but, if it’s like jonask says, it may just take a while.

Well in my opinion the guy isnt the sharopest knife in the drawer. You should always get tracking nomatter where your shipping.And if shipping to another country then you should get some type of insurance or something.So its the guys fault for being dumb,and i hope you dont get scammed.

There’s no tracking for first class international. And he could never be scammed when he hasn’t paid. Which is actually kind of nice by the trader if he’s using an unsafe shipping method.

Also, if you sell something for $5, spending $13 (at the least) on shipping isn’t worth it.

I get tracking with first class, just sayin.

is first class inter. shipping is the air mail so its free correct me if wrong

So what most of you are saying:
wait for a few months, or
the yoyo won’t come because it’s lost in transit. Is it? =(