Is it possible to do Bind Returns as the end of Man on Trapeze video?



I started with YYF Fast 201 and I can do Man on Trapeze that just like the video.

At the end of the Man on Trapeze the throw yoyo up and bind when it fall down.

I just bough a new YYF Whip few weeks ago and  I have been practice for two weeks on the “Man on Trapeze” with my new yoyo but it just cannot bind as the video.

Please Advice.




He is not binding in the video, he is using a responsive yoyo.
You can do it with you FAST because it is responsive.
I am guessing your whip is set up Non-responsive so you will not be able to do this dismount, you will have to do a regular bind,
Hope this helps!


Thanks so much, GarrettMfnMoody.

I always thought that one yoyo can do all the beginner tricks and intermediate tricks.

I realized that the yoyo slow very fist when I do the Split the Atom when I using the YYF Fast 201. It does not happen on YYF Whip.

Is it possible that one yoyo can complete all the Intermediate Tricks in ? If yes, can you give me a few suggestion?




Briefly looking at the list you can do most with a responsive yoyo “some actually require a responsive yoyo like stop and go”
Your whip should be able to do them all, what I would suggest you doing is get two bearings, and have one set up for responsive play and one set up for non responsive
My recommendation
Responsive : use the stock flat bearing that came in your whip with thick lube applied
Non-responsive : buy a centering bearing and run it clean or with a tiny drop of thin lube

Note: untill you get another bearing I wouldn’t put lube in your whips bearin “you’ll just have two responsive yoyos” I would wait until you get your other bearing, at which point you can just swap bearings to jump between responsive and non-responsive play.


Thanks again, GarrettMfnMoody.

I will take your advice. I will let you know how this plan go in 2-3 weeks.



No problem man, PM me any time, we were all just starting off at some point, never hurts to ask questions.


Hi GarrettMfnMoody,

The bearing and the thick lube arrived but it did not work as I expected but I bought the SPEC Half Bearing (Narrow) bearing with think lube. Now I can play from the Beginner tricks to Intermediate tricks in one yoyo.

Who (I do not know his name) only showed 2 Bind Returns in the, it is nice, but I saw other video in Youtube that have cool Bind Returns. It will be my next goal after I finish the Intermediate tricks.



(rizkiyoist) #8

Bearings with thick lube or any responsive bearing will spin a lot shorter, the thicker the oil/grease, the shorter it spins.


Sorry if you misunderstood me. What I recommened you buying was a centering bearing for unresponsive play ie KK bearing or CTX. The half spec bearing is strictly for responsive play.
But for unresponsive you can take your full spec bearing and clean it in acetone. Played in your whip should play unresponsive. I wouldn’t even put lube in it, but if you do just use a tiny drop of THIN lube. The only advantage of using lube for unresponsive play is a longer lifespan of bearing.