Is it just me...


Is it just me that I constantly want new yoyos.




No idea what you could be talking about.


What?! No


I actually think I’m one of the few that DOESN’T constantly want new yoyos…


Same here, I’m happy with what I have.


I only have one yoyo. It’s beside that other yoyo. Which is next to that other yoyo. Right in front of that other yoyo…


Cuz you basically have every yoyo you want :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really want new yoyos either. I’m content with my collection, and feel that I should spend money on other hobbies.


Well… Now that I think about it studio has like 50 yoyos, lol.


nope more then that.


I have a huge list, I don’t even know how I’m gonna afford them lmao!


He has 5 cases overflowed with yoyos. And there the big ones. But it’s definitely worth it going to competitions when he’s running sound, he’s a great guy! Nice and chill. He’ll let you try any yoyo you wanna try.