is it just me or is this odd?


alright soo with my spyy amplifier something odd was going on the bearing was hiccuping but, the bearing wasn’t shot. I figured this out when i put the bearing in another yoyo because the bearing was spinning perfectly in the other one. So i decided to desheild the bearing lube it and put it back in my spyy amplifier and it works like it did when it was out of the box. and when put a bearing with shields in my spyy amplifier it was hiccuping again even though the bearing is fine. so my question is has this happened with any other yoyos? because it seems my Spyy amplifier only works with a deshielded bearing.

(velez_adrian) #2

Look at the place where the bearing fits and maybe clean it but if you don’t know what I’m saying, just deshield It


The shields may be rubbing against the shim of the bearing seat, just leave them off.


ah okay thank you.