Is it good if i can do a mach 5 on my first day of using a yoyo?


I just got my yyf protostar in the mail and i can do a mach 5. Is that good?
I would not know because I am a noob.


I’d say that’s pretty good dude. Most people can’t even bind on their first day.


Ok thanks!


Yep no problem. :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t it be? I remember struggling with that truck, then learning it wrong and finally figuring it out a few months later. I would check out a tutorial on this site to make sure you’re doing it right. Otherwise, you might just be a fast learner.


My first day throwing… throw the responsive yoyo down, learn how to get it back up…

Yeah, id say that you’re doing pretty dang awesome!


Yeah i watched the video before doing it. :slight_smile:

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If it makes you smile, it’s good! :wink:


Gotta love that split bottom mount!


My first unresponsive had me on double or nothing within 2 weeks. I’d say ur doing fone