Is delrin supposed to dent that easy ?

Hello ! today i (finaly) got my mystery box and the regen play awesome. I tried 5a with it and with my crappy level the counter weight hited the yoyo,result this :
it didn’t affect play but sure did cosmetic on that piece of art ;D (even if i was gonna use it as a beater) and also i was wondering if it could result in the string getting damaged if it rub on the side (it does a weird sound when it do) and also i tought delrin (or pom) was more solid than that,my protostar would have had nothing and my metals would just have maybe a scratch on the anodizing.

Mine is also soft.

While Deleon isn’t as sustainable as say aluminum, it should be stronger than that.

I didn’t think the regen was made of delrin.

yes it is normal, I am still sick of the damage my Antagonist when it hit concrete, basically a good piece of delrin went off, leaving this beautiful yoyo completely crippled and vibey

This is weird because I made a post earlier about how indestructible the Regen is. I like to throw in my classroom when I have a free period and I smashed it against my desk and a couple other desks and my tile floor. Clearly I need more practice.

But there wasn’t a scratch on it. I’m just going to thank the yo-yo gods for being kind.

It’s probably a bit of both experiences that people are having, purely due to the nature of the plastic.

I don’t know exactly what the characteristics of the plastic used in the Regen are, but I have some guesses.

Basically, it’s more durable in some senses, and less in others, compared to standard plastic used in something like the protostar.

Based on how it feels to me, I think that the Regen is made of an overall softer, but more elastic type of polymer. What that means is, sharp stuff will cut and knick it easier, but it will take general blunt force much better. If it hits something rough like concrete, or sharp, it will deform easily, giving the impression that it’s not durable. However, I’d be willing to wager that you could slam the Regen into a hard (but smooth) surface like tile, and it would cause less damage than to a protostar, because the plastic in the Regen is more elastic and less brittle.

I don’t really know for sure, or if that makes sense to anybody else, but that’s just my speculation. Based on a few material science classes in college, and a few IPAs and Belgian trippels in my stomach tonight… Haha

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I don’t think its specifically delirin (that POM formulation ends white AFAIK), it’s just a diferent kind of POM.
It’s sturdier in terms of collisions than acrylic and northstar’s kind of inyected plastic since that will most likely shatter or crack when hit, POM will more likely “bounce” by temporal deformation. However POM is softer and it will scratch easier if you put your keys in your pocket with it.
My Regen came already with some scratches on the sides BTW and I think it will get more scratches just by sliding it in a table.

I have a delrin spin top from stummol8 and i banged that thing into everything in my appt and theres ZERO marks on it. It made me want a crucial delrin.

Please show “my crappy level the counter weight” that “hited the yoyo”.

I think this might be your problem.

I thought the regen was made of POM not delrin.

Delrin is a trade name of a specific polymerization of POM

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the regen is made of POM which is basically a low grade delrin. delrin is supposed to be a verystrong plastic that doesn’t chip, crack, or loose shape. sometimes manufacturers will put the delrin on the side so that when the yoyo is spinning and hits something flakes will come off. POM on the other hand is super soft and breaks on anything sharp enough to get a mark, why they chose it for a yoyo is up to yyf.

POM isn’t going to break when it hits a hard surface. It’s a softer, but more elastic plastic. Which means it will scratch and ding on sharp stuff easier, but blunt force hits won’t crack or deform it nearly as easy. Overall, it’s more durable in some ways, but less in others. To me, it makes perfect sense why they’re using it. If you don’t care about scratches, the Regen will likely take quite a beating without cracking.

Delrin is POM (Polyoxymethylene). It is basically a brand name for one POM formula. The regen is made of a very similar POM formula, it is just slightly different - Not really lower grade or inferior.

As for it chipping after getting hit by a counter weight - What are you using for a counterweight? it looks like a pretty sharp gouge in the yo-yo that a typically rounded counterweight would not cause.


You are misleading people.

If you do not know something please do not post about it.

casino grade dice with a hole is what i’m using, now i see why :frowning:

Yay the return of YYFben! Glad you’re back, but I never understood why you left. Who cares? It’s pretty awesome that yoyofactory has a forum presence again.

There has been a bit of misinformation about the Regen. I tried to give the most accurate info in my review.,80156.0.html

If any of the info is incorrect, feel free to let me know.

When you play 5A your officially licensed or Duncan Products I would recommend you round the corners on your casino grade dice. Casino dice are machined with sharp edges, where as every manufacturer making counterweights make product with rounded or smooth edges to prevent damage to both the yo-yo and the yoyo player.

Isn’t Celcon also a type of POM. The way it was explained to me in the past is that Celcon is poured into a mold while Delrin is machined like aluminum.

Is the Regen molded or machined? Either is fine, I am just curious.

As for the gouging issue, yeah that is normal. I used an old Lyn Fury when I first started learning 5A and I marked the heck out of that thing. Mostly from hits to my wedding ring and the counterweight which was a 20 sided die I turned into a counterweight. The way I looked at it, I was swinging another piece of plastic at my yo-yo that was not attached to my finger, marks are going to happen.