best delrin

I’ve been interested in delrin throws lately, because I don’t have a ‘beater’ throw. I’m torn between:
YYF regen
YYF severe
something Crazy-D

Which do you guys think is the most durable, and just overall plays best? I heard regen’s plastic is very soft…
Any other throws u guys would recommend?

The Regen isn’t actually delrin but pom plastic which is equally durable from what I can tell and it plays pretty good with a lot of weight. The Severe is delrin and plays pretty good but pretty different from the Regen. The Crazy-D I’ve never played so no idea there.

If you want a beater throw, get the C3 Speedaholic. Heck, get a few of em at their price!

zeekio/yoyoempire does some pretty good delrin throws for a pretty cheap price

might be worth looking into

bc lol

Get regen
If you want a beater, get a diffusion

Other way around.

Diffusion or Speedaholic.

Thanks guys, I’ve narrowed it down to:
Plastic: Diffusion
Delrin: Still Regen, or the Crazy-D…
Is Delrin more durable than plastic?

It’s more of just preferences. Delrin grinds better. I’d say that the regen is most likely more stable than the crazy-d. The overall size of the diffusion 2 is really nice though and I prefer it’s shape over the regen.

I love Delrin throws - the Regen is great (not actually Delrin, but POM is very close), but I think the Severe (in white) is my favorite. I also love the Something V, haven’t tried the Crazy D though.

I have a white delrin severe, it grinds quite well, and is a nicely weighted/balanced throw. It seems to sleep forever, allowing me several attempts at each trick before needing to bind. Hopefully as I continue to build skill, the sleep time will translate to allowing me longer combos ;D

I’ve only heard good things about the Regen, so, I think you will likely be happy with whatever you choose


The diffusion plays way better then a regen in my opinion. The regen feels super light and didn’t feel to controlled

I’m a bit suprised no one has mentioned the rally.

It’s machined polycarbonate I think.

Doh. Right. Brain fart.

Crazy-D is one of the most insane yoyos I have, it is really forgiving and can go extremely fast.
It is also made in production runs so you dont have to worry about ruining a one time run throw (Regen)

First of all, try to get machined delrin/POM. Theres also injected POM but not as smooth when spinning, not as perfect. I suggest the MagicYoyo D6, it’s machined POM with machined aluminum rings and works wonders. I also have a Regen but it’s not as good IMO.

Also good luck finding a Rally. :slight_smile: I guess on the BST some might show up.