Is anyone else gunna be staying up all night christmas eve night?

Im gunna be staying up all christmas night (it’s a tradition) and was wondering if anyone else is planning to stay on the chat all night? Cuz that’d be a cool way to stay awake.

it depends on whether I can get to sleep or not. I get stricken with a mild case of insomnia this time of year, the short days just throw my clock off.
if I am up I’ll be on gabbing, or throwing, or street fighter. one of those

Nope. I’ll be in bed no later than 2AM. I got lots of other stuff to work on.

I’ll be hitting the chat room a bit tonight. Mostly, I sit on for at least 5 minutes a week just to prove to the server “I’m still alive”. Odds are low I’ll respond to anything other than a direct message.

I’ll try to get some sleep, but on Christmas Eve night I can never sleep… like seriously. Thinking about those Yetis…

same I will have a talkative sister up that wont be quiet at night on any given night but on chords as I will be almost positive I won’t go to sleep.

I wish i was getting yetis! Hahaha. Just the feel of christmas and keeping santa alive in my little siblings minds is exciting enough for me not to fall asleep.

Lol, I sleep for 2 hours, maybe 4 at most. My parents get mad at me if I wake them up before 6:00, but I do it any way. :smiley:

Usually at 3:00, I end up building a lego I left from last year. Yes I do plan like that, but nowadays, I listen to blaring dub step whilst building my lego ;D

I’m actually going to sleep early. I hope I’m not the only one who has that feeling like time goes faster as I sleep. I know that doesn’t happen that’s just how it feels.

lol what happens at our house is my sister wakes me up which wakes up the dog making him wanting to go to the bathroom waking up my parents.

My sister is too excited for Christmas as of now I speak she is celebrating Christmas eve of eve cause she is that excited for Christmas eve.

Ill be sleeping until like 8 and then Ill wake up and be likeahh Im so tired……2 seconds later……….
“OH Yea its Christmas”

^Or something like that and then Ill be happy the rest of the day

No i think everyone feels like that.

I try to do this, when I’m at my pap’s apartment, I feel like I could pass out, but once I get home, there’s no way I can go to sleep. I end up watching Dr. who anyway

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DR WHO! Good idea! Ill watch that with my little sister (were both fans).

Thank God


Whovians 4 life!

Ps: this is an awesome thread

Im sleeping christmas eve night and then Im gonna eat and watch movies with my family all day christmas day

I do that every night where have you been :smiley:

I usually do. I thought I was the only one who really did that lol. My siblings are boring and go to sleep haha (lame). Although I will probably not do it this year because I got to work the next day, and that would not work out so well. Haha anyways have fun.

Sleeeeeeep or saaaaaaaaaaanta wooont coooome