Is another Draupnir worth it

I purchased a Draupnir a few months ago, and when I got it there was slight vibe. No problem. It got worse and worse and now I don’t really touch it anymore because it loses spin at the slightest touch on your hand and generally doesn’t feel that great on the string. Since the one I got would be a “B grade” I was wondering if saving money for a new one directly from the shop, not through the B/S/T would be worth the money.

Why not get a new one. I think trying something new like the anglam 2 would be more fun but if you liked the draupnir a new A grade might be worth it.

This may not work,but take a look at the gap between the rims and the body if you can see any difference between each side try putting it flat on a table and pushing the rings on father. Take it apart to do this and only push on the actual body. It may smooth right out.

I want your b grade

umm are you sure

You would be surprised how many people don’t care about vibe. Especially if they want it for competition since it barely affects sleep times if you’re used to it.

I could trade or buy

I’ll trade my Wooly Marmot 2 Electric Bacon.

Replace the bearing, tune it? Have you tried these things? A yoyo isn’t going to vibe more just from normal play unless you hit it on something or the bearing is going bad or you open it frequently. I’ll buy it from you because it sounds like operator error to be honest.

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Aren’t yoyos meant to be unscrewed? Why would doing this frequently cause vibe?

You could strip the axle or bearing seat i guess

Yeah i have I bought an NSKDS platinum for just that reason and it didnt really do anything

They are, but some yoyos are sensitive to tuning and if the halves shift their relation to one another when you put it back together that can cause vibe, also just general wearing out of threads and the bearing seat over time. Personally i don’t worry about a normal amount of disassembly, but i see some kids who take their yoyo apart for every knot they get or every time they change the string, personally i think that’s a bit much,

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Don’t write it off as broken before you attempt fixing it, try what people said. Check if there’s a gap between the body and the steel rims and see if tuning it will help at all. Also take a look at the pads and see if they are sitting flush, sometimes its just something that simple.