is a superstar a good fast yoyo


the yoyofactory superstar.Is it a good fast yoyo?
I was planning to get this one but I have a genesis which is a solid stable smooth yoyo,but I’m looking for a good fast yoyo.
What yoyo should I get?
Is a superstar good for fast?

Extra:just leave an extra comment on this:Is a clyw chief faster, better ,different feel ,or smoother than a genesis cuz I was also wanting one
Thankyou :slight_smile:


The Superstar is indeed good for fast play. One of the faster throws that I’ve played, although if you really are focused on speed play I’m sure there are faster out there. I hear good things about the Spyy Speed Freak (hence the name) and I’ve personally found the Spyy Addiction (which is very similar) to play very fast :slight_smile:

“Better” is a very subjective term. The Chief plays slower and lighter than the Genesis. It feels very smooth and floaty but it isn’t as easy to throw around and get momentum behind as a Genesis. It’s geared more towards smooth flowy play than fast play really.


I can’t compare the SuperStar to the Genesis because I disliked the Genesis. The Superstar seems plenty speedy though, and at least mine is fast, stable and smooth, all considered since stacks can cause vibe.

However, the Chief is wall of that and more, minus the stacks, and hence even less vibe. Also, depending on the run of the Superstar, they may not be good grinders, where-as I think nearly all CLYW’s are blasted or tumbled so they can be good grinders.


I just shipped out a Superstar! haha Anyway its nice stable and fast, but if you are looking for a fast YYF yoyo I recommend the Equilateral. One of the fastest throws I have played in my opinion…


Makes sense considering it was Mickeys signature throw, haha.

Performance wise, as Studio said about the Chief, there are many throws that outperform the Superstar. I’ve just been throwing mine and it’s definitely not all that stable considering its price tag and reputation. It’s good, but it isn’t great. :confused:

I enjoy throwing mine, but if performance is a big thing for you I feel there are better options.