Supernova or Superstar?

Sorry for all of the posts, but I think that I’ve narrowed it down to these too. I have tried the supernova and the superstar (I have a supernova and tried a superstar). I was really impressed by the supernova. I was wondering if the superstar could handle what I am looking for. I want a yoyo that is:
Horizontal capable
Fast (I’m not sure if the superstar is it not. I’ve heard otherwise, but in Paul Kerbel’s Worlds freestyle, he went very fast) the supernova seems to handle very well
Long spin times
Also, can the superstar handle tech, being wider?

Either will do what you need. The SuperStar I feel is better for horizontal, especially the 2013 version

I didn’t care for the SuperNova though. I played one at Nationals 2012 an it was a model I was highly interested in. After playing it, it didn’t work well for me. I can’t say anything negative about it. Not every yoyo is a perfect fit for everyone.

Commenting on fast: Both can do fast. Easily.
Stable? Solid? Long spinning? Both have these attributes down perfectly.

The 2013 SuperStar isn’t that much wider than “average” so unless you have small hands, tech should just be either a non-issue or just making small adjustments.

they both are great but I think you would like the superstar more