IrPads and CLYW


Have any of you tried a set of IrPads in a CLYW yet? As a Caribou Lodge kinda guy…it pains me…but Snow Tires are just too responsive for my preference. And after playing the Token, which is also too grippy, I just think that the C3 compound isn’t entirely for me.

So, I’m eyeing the hard compound IrPads. In my ideal scenario, they would be a bit less sticky…and less deep. (Ie, sits shallower in the groove…and further from the string.) I’d also know how their medium lines up with stock snow tires.

Yah, I know I could just try flowable…but I have enough going on in my life. So I’m not. Lame, I know.

Thanks for reading,


I don’t know if it still holds true, but when Ryosuke was first starting the irpads (initially called i-pads - before the apple product! :slight_smile: ) he made some to fit CLYW. They worked great, but the adhesive was really gummy/gooey. Dunno if he’s fixed this, but the pads themselves play/ed great!