Alrighty, it’s time for the IronArm Yoyo Contest that will be going on for the next (maybe) month or so. Every day, there will be a challenge that you can enter in. Before registering, please read the rules and scoring systems below.


  1. This is by the honor system. I have no idea how well it will work but I hope you all are honest.
  1. Be honest, seriously, nobody knows that you are cheating but you don’t need that guilt on you for the remainder of the contest.
  2. Contestants may not start the challenge until after the clock (that I will post on each different post)
  3. Each challenge will be a separate post. So, keep an eye out on the General Yoyo Forum
  4. If you miss a challenge, you will be put in last place tied with all others who did not compete.
  5. There are no prizes.

Scoring System:
Whatever place you finish, is how many points you get. For example, if you get 1st place in a challenge (I will determine that), then you get 1 point. Whoever, at the end of the challenge (I will announce when it is the last contest), has the LEAST amount of points, is crowned the champion. Again, there are no prizes.

Register by replying on this thread (or PM me if you like). Once the contest has begun, you can no longer register.

!!!REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!!! You can still PM me and get a late entry but nobody else will be competing other than the 12 contestants on the below post.


  1. Zorro
  2. hebooz
  3. midnightyoyo
  4. GregP
  5. Legyoyo
  6. bcmaddog
  7. Philip
  8. Stuarttw
  9. Yoyo_Master
  10. Logi
  11. Apollo2
  12. andy569


Count me in! :smiley:

I really need some more contestants here. Two is hardly enough.

what kind of challenges are we talking about?

The first one, for example, will be:

First one to 1000 BrainTwister Somersaults wins.

i will participate if thats fine with you. :slight_smile:
is it too late?

I would certainly compete in any challenges that I know how to do (who knows, maybe there will be something requiring a skill I don’t have?) and if I’m free when the stopwatch goes ‘click’. :wink:

I’m in, bro! I think there should be video confirmation, that way, it’d be super hard to cheat! And I’m taking, ipod videos, nothing fancy. But hey if not, I’ll still do it :smiley:

I don’t quite get the scoring system or rule 5. And how many challenges are there? I’d like to know that before deciding whether to enter or not.

Im in bro!


Prepare to taste defeat! Lol

Count me in too.

I get it now - guess i’m in.

Just drank some coffee and I’m ready to party!

And party as in break my arms and weary my muscles participating in this iron yoyo contest :smiley:


Ahem! 3pm my time. I still have one more hour.

When’s the first challenge?

Oh and can you put me on the contestant list?

The first challenge will be tonight at 7pmET time. I will make a new post. Any registrants after 3pmET today will not get to compete but will not be scored as last (see Rule 5).

NOOOOO!!! NONONO!!! Rats. I’ll enter next time I guess…