IronArm 2 - Sign-up

Sign-up by PMing me starting now. The contests themselves may not start until December some time but I am starting Sign-ups now. I will notify everyone via this post when the contests will start.

When you sign-up, also give me a trick or two with an objective that you would like to do in the contest. This makes it fair-er then me picking all the challenges.


  1. Zorro
  2. stuarttw
  3. Rosariyoyo
  4. Erik Kerber
  5. rugbygod
  6. midnightyoyo

IronArm 1 Thread:,67862.30.html

First of all: fixed.

Second of all: is there some sort of original thread you forgot to link to so people know what your’e talking about?

What is fixed? I am letting everybody submit a trick that they can do so I am not the only one picking challenges. There is no way it is fixed.

Yeah, I thought about that. But I think I deleted that original thread.

Never mind, find the post. See top of page for link.

I need contestants for this. Somebody else please sign-up.

Still looking for contestants.

I am aiming for 10 contestants. The challenges will not start until I have at least that number. More is fine.