IronArm 2 - Sign-up

I know many of you have been looking for this post. It’s finally here. I now have the time to start doing this again.

If you would like to join, PM me or reply below. Give me a trick you would like to and a certain number of reps you want them done. I will then randomly shuffle them around and select the days.


  1. Zorro
  2. midnightyoyo
  3. pudge34
  4. bcmaddog
  5. Jr. Mouse
  6. yoyomaster3456
  7. shen703

Trick List:
Brain Twister (300)
Eli Hops (500)

(NOTE: I will not start until I have at least 10 people competing. I will except more though. PLEASE, IF YOU SIGN-UP, ACTUALLY COMPETE. I had trouble with this last time.)

I want in! And how does this work?

You made it to confusing thats why a lot of people never competed. You made new threads and no one had a clue where they were.

I think I am good because of last time…

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Okay, so I will set up a time on a certain date. I will post a link to the official clock. When that clock hits the set time, it will start. The first one done with the objective amount of tricks wins. You get points (1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points). The person with the lowest amount of points, wins. You do not have to do the trick in one throw.

If you cant do the trick at the set time can you still do it at a different time and just time your self?

Also how am i supposed to count to 500 eli hops

With the point system set up like that, there aren’t many opportunities to come from behind or at least “keep up” by excelling at one or two of the tricks.

Usually (since you’re going with fewer points is better), it would be something like:

1st: 1 point
2nd: 3 points
3rd: 6 points
4th and beyond: increment by 1 point each.

Or something like that. Ultimately it’s kind of arbitrary. But the 1-point separation provides few opportunities to pull ahead from behind! After a few events it becomes a battle between 2 or 3 people, with the rest duking it out for… nothing, really. yooldman and me competed against each other because we were pretty close alternating events and we have a friendship. But we were “out” of the Ironarm and I at least was only really continuing because I had committed and found a secondary game by competing against yooldman.

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You could ask somebody to count them will you do them?

Not necessarily. Last time, somebody was 7 points behind the leader but then came back and won the next round and moved up to about 2 points behind the leader. It creates excitement.

I do, however, see your point. What, then, do you propose I do? The score system you named seems like it is the same thing. ???



Do we film our self doing the tricks?

I’m confused about all of this

Well then, how can I help you to further understand?

I’m in

Alrighty, you’re in.

Count me in!


Do we film ourselves doing this for proof?

How are we scored?

No, filming is not required, but can be done if you want to.

I believe there was a conversation on this question previously.