IronArm Contest - CHALLENGE #1

Ladies and Gentlemen who entered the contest. It is just about time for the first challenge. Prepair yourself because I will be competing too.

Check this link periodically:, for when it reaches 7pm, the contest begins.

What you do is you do 1000 BrainTwister Somersaults as fast as you can. When you finish, you type in “DONE” and the first one to do so, wins.
RULE: You can only click on reply once you have finished your BrainTwisters so you have to be fast a typing as well. If not, you better have your BrainTwisters down fast. :wink: I can do both.

Remember, to sign-up, go to the post called “IronArm Contest - NEED CONTESTANTS” and either reply there or PM me. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST UNTIL AFTER THE CONTEST HAS STARTED.

1st Place: Philip (8:21)
2nd Place: Logi (8:45)
3rd Place: andy569 (8:58)
4th Place: stuarttw (10:12)
5th Place: Zorro (14:07)

Challenge #2:,67761.0.html

This will be fun. After you type in “DONE” reply again with the yoyo and string you used.

I do braintwisters faster than I can count…

Hey guys I’m out of the house now. Hopefully will be back by 7 O.O

What if I have a really short string? Isn’t that cheating

We will see. Whoever wins we will ask. Short/long string yoyo used so on…

Same for 2nd and 3rd and maybe try to even it out…

String is not a factor. You can use any string length. There, now it is not cheating.

Just so you all know, my brother is competing but he can’t type in “done” because he has no forum account so I will announce when he finishes as well as when I do.

1.5 hours and counting.

1 hour and counting

cant you just lie? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, thanks for blowing my cover. -_-

In all seriousness, this is a great idea. Too bad I didn’t enter. I’ll be sure to jump in on the next one.

Sadly, yes. But anybody with any decency would not do that.


I’m getting ready.

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Congrats Phillip!


4th place. Boy, it feels like my pointer finger has a mind of it’s own.