IronArm: trick successes and other discussion

Zorro would like to keep the original thread “clean”, so I guess if we want to yap, we can make a separate thread… I’d rather see it all in one, but I do like a good yap.

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WRT to the Eli Hops later today… 200… man. I don’t usually use a glove, but I’mma find a pair of “Magic Mitts” for this one!

I think I’ll wear two gloves on one hand. :-\

If the first pair gets burned through somewhere after 100, you should be good with the second pair already in place as a backup! :wink:

i would suggest gloves made of diamond :wink:

So wait, the ironarm’s still going? I thought it was locked…

Also, I got the magic drops done in 1:57 (one minute, fifty-seven seconds). But I didn’t know where to put it XD

Okay, well, seeing that you did not know what to do, I will count this score.

BTW, here is a link to the contest page (with results and contest lists, times, etc.):,67862.0.html

No glove for me. This soft polyester string can’t do a bit of damage to my cotton-toughened fingers. Eli Hops practice has been going very well today. I won’t have a top time, but I should at least be able to do them :).

I’m really enjoying this contest. It’s making me practice stuff I’ve been neglecting. I bet I did more Magic Drops yesterday than I have in the last year. Same with Eli Hops today.

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There are two different trick ladder versions of Eli Hops: with 50% extension, or with 100% (hands must touch).

Since it seems we have liberty to do either, I’ll be doing 50% extension (well, generally a bit more, but you get the idea). Just fair warning to all competitors. :wink:

I’m assuming you have to touch hands? If i get through my second glove i’ll just push my first glove up a little so there aren’t any spots where i can get string burn. So happy i tied for first.

No, I checked with Zorro. If you’re used to touching hands, there’s nothing stopping you. But you can also do the 50% extension (which in general is what I’ll be doing).

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Thank you so much for the support. I am really glad that you all are enjoying yourselves and being challenged.
I have been doing a lot of Magic Drops lately but that is because I am new to them and I want to perfect the.


This is correct. Thank you GregP. You may do Eli Hops in any fashion really. You can go straight up, out to the side, touch your hands, 50% up, etc. Hope you have fun tonight.

Saw the rest of the events… I suppose I have a few days to learn Sewing Machines and Cold Fusion. I can sort of do Cold Fusion (I will need to remind myself, mind you) but I fail at the really slick-looking “swoosh, swoosh!” at the beginning. I’ll have to settle for at least getting the elements done. :wink:

Wow, that’ll make it a lot quicker

That is all that matters. It doesn’t have to be quick to count, just correct. But, if you can do it fast, then you are in for some more luck. Maybe you can win everything else so it doesn’t matter whether you get last or not in the contest.

I’m entering this thing late! BE SCARED! I came a day late so I’m down to 7 points but hopefully I can still win this thing :wink:

I can do Eli hops crazy fast, I have a super soft string so I don’t need gloves ;D

Phillip, watch out! :smiley:

andy, you’re only 1 point behind people who actually competed. I’m sure you’ll be fine. :wink:

1st is gonna be a battle though! I’m sure Phillip’s gonna be hitting 1st-3rds everyday, I’m just glad logi’s in on this xD

you all have forgotten that I will take all of you down (i may or may not be able to do 50 eli hops in two seconds :wink: )

What’s all this a bout philip? I’m beating him ???

He did very well on the first few challenges before Zorro had to reset everything