Introducing the PDX-YO Swamp Monster

(Toby Roberts) #1

I recently designed and manufactured my first throw! Its been a community collaboration with a small group of likeminded throwers from Portland, OR. The protos arrived yesterday and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Introducing the Swamp Monster.

This is a custom original design made for the Portland group throwers inspired by elements of their favourite throws. Its full sized, relatively wide with a comfortable W shape and is heavily rim weighted for stability and spin time.

For anodization, our inspiration was the St Johns Bridge in Portland, OR. We love the copper oxide coloured teal/green paint of the bridge, and developed that into a copper oxide inspired galaxy splash style acid wash. The end result has deep blues, teal, black, browns and copper tones running through it. Like oil refracting in a puddle, or an iridescent beetles carapace.

We have only had 10 made so far by the wonderful people at FPM, but based on all the positive feedback we might do a production run and graduate our little community collab into a fledgeling brand.


Mono metal: 6061 Alu
Width: 46mm
Dia: 56mm
Gap Width: 4.35mm
Bearing: Size C
Weight: approx 65g
Finish: Bead Blast
Ano: Galaxy Splash style ‘Copper Oxide’

More photos on Instagram.

(Jim Honaker) #2

Very nice! I love the ano as well.


Yeah ditto very pretty colorway!

(Justin Thompson) #4

Very nice.

(Yiyang Wang) #5