Introducing the PatCon signtarure series: Theory [Pictures!]

My most recent company partnership has given me the honor of designing a signature yoyo. We received the first half from the machine shop this morning, and I had to restrain myself from posting it until now. Consider it a teaser.

Introducing the Theory:


Diameter: 53mm
Width: Estimated 100mm (details coming soon!)
Weight: Estimated 200g
Gap: 3mm
D sized bearing
Accepts dif-e-yo pads

Get pumped



A manly yo!

Gimme a price point and a retailer and I’m in.


The graphics were originally intended to be laser engraved, but a freak accident gave us the finish it has now. I’m pleasantly surprised by how it came out; it has a lot of character and depth. Great for grinding!

LOL D size

This is a hunk bruh! I love it!

im not sure how we are gonna be able to throw that hunk of one sided metal :wink: dude if its 50 or under im buying

You must keep in mind that only one half of the yoyo has been machined. It’s such a tease! Though, I should be expecting the other half tomorrow.

Keep psyched up. I know I am.

I’ve never seen such a promising yoyo. I mean, how many others look like a chunk of metal that you found just lying around?

Nice finish too, almost looks just like rust.

Ok, THAT is beautiful.

I love you Pat.

Yeah, I thought that was the whole yoyo, I was like “…that’s gonna precess.”, but then I read it again.
Reminds me of the Takabell at Worlds, I want one. It’ll probably take forever to throw, and then spin for half an hour, and then tear off your fingertip, and then snap your string. Not necessarily in that order.

“After the release of the steamroller by Xcube, people soon realized was in fact another yoyo in development that was in fact, a steam roller.”

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I’m heading out in an hour or so to pick up the other half from the shop. Expect pictures and a true spec report soon!

most resist lol

Looks like itll play pretty floaty. And is a bit thin for my taste.

Good news! I just received the other half from the machine shop. To give a little back story: I didn’t get the other half yesterday because the shop ran out of bar-stock aluminum. Well here it is now! Here is the first true promotional picture for the Theory:

what company is making it for you?

Me Gusta

Waiting for the greenlight to make the announcement :o